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 Our implementation consultants have in-depth knowledge of the software sold by Eurosoft and years of experience in implementing Information Technology business solutions. For these solutions to be effective, companies don’t only have to maintain appropriately their Information Technology in means of having the latest hardware or software resources, it is the people that use these Information Systems that must carry the skills, knowledge and experience that make outcomes beneficial. Therefore, companies must also invest in their people if they want to achieve the desired goals, in means of training, knowledge exchange, good communications and good business environments where the needs and requirements are understood and considered in the initial plans. Eurosoft provides the required knowledge and skills to its clients using Training and Implementation Services, as well as taking advantage of the organisational strengths and capabilities that are identified using Business Analysis Skills, in order to be more effective and productive.The implementation consulting team agrees with the client a project plan and proceeds to assist the client in implementing the systems in the best possible manner with the objective of maximizing the benefit that can be derived from the use of the software.

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